Tony Smotherman Bio:

Since the mid 1990's Tony Smotherman has spent many miles behind a steering wheel in pursuit of big game. From mid-western whitetails, to bruiser elk and mulies of the Rocky Mountains, he can be found every fall with his favorite critter gitter close at hand. Tony has grown into the epitome of the Travelin' Hunter TM. Early on he realized that if he was going to be able to match wits with his favorite quarry all season long, he would have to fuel up his truck, throw his gear in back, and travel beyond his home state to where game was more plentiful.

Outside of his love for the hunt, he also is an accomplished outdoor writer and public speaker. When not on the road, he is either behind his computer writing about many diverse topics or gearing up to speak about our Second Amendment Rights. He is a highly accomplished outdoorsmen and his passion for Mother Nature pours out of the screen every time his hunts air on national television.

Tony is in the final stages of bringing his well earned nickname, Travelin’ Hunter TM, to the forefront as a stand alone outdoor television show. Travelin’ Hunter TM the show will highlight not only the challenges and successes of the hunts but the adventures, great times, and characters that you meet while on the road. Look for Tony and Travelin’ Hunter TM this summer on The Sportsman Channel.

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